Custom Apps

Together with you we develop a professional and customized app. Depending on your needs for iPhone, iPad, or Android.


Our services include:
In collaboration with you we develop the right solution for all requirements. A successful design requires knowledge of the customers, the industry, the products and knowledge about the technical possibilities, the user behaviour, the range of application and the mobile market in General.
The app should include the existing corporate identity of the customer. Our designer team has design experiences from over 100 App and Website projects. In addition to creativity and graphical capabilities well-founded technical processes and knowledge of market behaviour are needed.
On request your own design department or local agency can collaborate and deliver part of or the whole app design.
All our projects are programmed modularly. These modules have been proven in practice and offer in addition huge costs and time savings. In practice a mix of an average of approximately 50% of existing basic modules, which are adapted to the customer's needs, as well as 50% individually developed project-related modules are used.
Modular programming is also great to start quickly with a reduced feature set and to expand the already published app and also to respond to customer feedback.
Our promotion team offers extensive support during registration as an app owner / developer, releasing your app in the different stores, marketing and optimal placement in the different stores.
We support you in the following areas: your blog, media distribution, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc.


You already have a website and want to make it accessible also for mobile users and you also want to benefit from additional features?
It is no problem for us to adapt your site for mobile devices and to create a native app for iPhone, iPad or Android with additional functionality.


Our customer team will prepare an individual offer for you.
Prices starting from EUR 449
Please contact us.