x-app Money Back Guarantee

x-app offers 100% money-back guarantee if cancelled within 15 calendar days. There are no cancellation fees.

All x-app subscribers are free to cancel their subscription at any time at no cost. If cancelled within 15 calendar days, customers are eligible for a full refund, including setup fee. Money-back guarantee will be executed disregarding the plan the customers are subscribed to, features they have used or number of apps they have created.

In case you want to cancel your subscription but continue selling your apps in AppStore please open a support ticket and specify your intention before canceling. We will allow you to cancel your plan with us but keep your apps running and selling in AppStore or Android Market.

To get a full refund of all payments you made to us you must submit your refund request within 15 calendar days since your signup date. If you want to cancel simply contact our customer support team and express your intention to cancel subscription. No questions or further action will be asked for upon a canceling request, but we would always like to hear your feedback.