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Features: BASIC
€ 9.99/mo
€ 29.99/mo
€ 49.99/mo
€ 99.99/mo
on request
on request
Design your app online.
Test and Verify using x-app app
Download and Upload Application zip 
Daily Backups
Application review and AppStore Submission.
Use your own Dev Account with Apple.
Sell your app for a Fee.
Mobile page content from your server 
Auto-Sync Newspage content
Animated Page Transitions
Image Slideshow
Slide to next page
Play embedded Video/Audio content
Http Live Streaming
InApp Facebook Connect
Share Page on Facebook
InApp Email
AdMob Banners
iAd Banners
Create Customizable HTML
Create Radio Apps 
Interactive Google Maps (MapKit)
Feedback form with GPS geolocation
Create Multiple apps
Push Notifications
InApp Purchase
Update Anytime
Unlimited Apps
InApp Content Search
Rotating Globe Menu
White Label Preview App
Full Source Code
€ 9.99/mo
€ 29.99/mo
€ 49.99/mo € 99.99/mo on request on request